• Lee Cavalier

Brutus – Modern Day Cafe Racer gets a mention on Cafe Racer TV page

Most customs I have seen locally are small-capacity, go-anywhere machines.

But not this time around:  

This is my Brutal-looking XJR, which lived on the streets of Christchurch.  The tank and the seat and tail unit are custom fabricated, lending the bike a aggressive and hunched-forward stance.  His nickname is Brutus and he is a 1998 XJR 1300.

Clip-ons from Italy, stripped down dials and the rearsets change the riding position to match, and you can bet the upswept GP extreme muffler makes Brutus easy to hear above the cacophony of Christchurch traffic.

I believe the cafe racer transformation, brings out that true beauty of this once hidden muscle bike.

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