• Lee Cavalier

The Purchase of Ducati 900 SS S ie

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Keeping firmly in the Ducati camp I purchased a 2002 Ducati SS 900 Sie, warmly nicked named the ‘Custard Tart’ or aka ‘Leggero e veloce’.   The decision to purchase the machine was about being at the right time and right place sort of an occasion.  Coupled with the thought of not having a Winter’s project to customise was more than I could bare. 

So here I am with my 5th donor bike.  And yes, Winter has truly set in here in New Zealand,  so I am somewhat late in the game to start a Winter project.  But that aside, its great to be back on board with a superb example of a Ducati SuperSport..

I’ve started with a design and have now begun looking for parts, or parts I think I need.  And now looking at process of what should be done first.  At this moment I think it should be the tank and fit the set and fairing around that.

I am hoping that some of the contacts who have helped with previous conversion will be available again…   I think at this stage the difficult part will be sourcing a tank and fairing for the bike.

I’ll keep you posted …


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