• Lee Cavalier


Who fancies a trip around the South Island for our Boys trip...

The route :

ChCh to West Coast West Coast to Wanaka Wanaka to Queenstown Queenstown to Roxburgh (met Alistar) Roxburgh to Motueka Moeraki to ChCh

This was a great trip, the weather was amazing all the way through the trip and the company as usual was brilliant.  All the bikes behaved themselves, apart from on little hiccup with Neil’s Monster.  After stopping a Moana for a beer, the Monster would not start and it decided to stay the night.  Even after spending about 2 hours and allsorts of tricks trying to get it going. 

Neil left the bike and jumped on the back of his Dad’s bike and we made our way to the west coast. David and Neil got up super early and rode back to Moana to see if they could get the Monster going.

So if there was a photo of the trip, it was this one –   Neil returning back to base

Here are some random photos taken during our trip in no particular order


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